Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Already?!

UGH!!  I'm not ready for it to be December yet?  I can already feel the month going by in a blur.  Hubby and I are hosting two Christmas parties at our house and I vowed I was not going to bed tonight until I finalized the menus.  

I visited a fabulous store in Minneapolis last weekend that used Scrabble letters for signs.  I loved the idea and thought I'd try it in a post.  

I think I'll serve these cranberry-tinis from Peter Callahan's book Bite by Bite.  Vodka based drinks seem to be a bigger success than gin or other alcohol.  I like to serve (non alcoholic) hot spiced cider which evokes all the fragrances (and memories) of Christmas.  

Do you have a favorite holiday drink? 

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  1. i've been so slack with decorating! that will be remedied this wkend!


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