Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Eric Solomon Selections

Let me introduce you to Eric Solomon.
He was named Food and Wine's 2007 Top US Importer.
Yes, Eric Solomon is the middle man, the importer, but you can trust any bottle that carries the Eric Solomon, European Cellars on it's label.
Joe, my local "wine guy" gave me this tip, "you can't miss with an Eric Solomon wine", and he is so right. The wine is imported from France, Spain and Portugal. Many of the wines are less than $10 per bottle. You can do your own research for your favorite varieties of wine by searching

Fabulous white wine is great with fish. Read a review here.
A favorite red that I buy for $7.99/bottle!!!-

"Move over Las Rocas, there's a new smash hit value in town. Outstanding ripeness and concentration, with notes of black cherry, black currants, mocha and a savory coffee note. This is a must buy by the case."

This is a favorite with burgers and pizza. It got 90 points from The Wine Advocate.

Enjoy searching for a great, affordable bottle of wine.
Please tell me your favorites in the comment section following this post.

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  1. it's wonderful to get recommendations for wine others have enjoyed. great prices....


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