Monday, January 25, 2010

New Jewelry Designs, New Giveaway

I just added some new designs to my 
Etsy Shop.

1  Cuff with a Heart  $48  2 Silver Bangle with Heart Charm  $20  Silver Multi-link earrings  $32

To celebrate the first new designs for 2010, 
I thought I'd host a giveaway.

I'm giving away a pair of these Silver multi-link earrings.
(I just sold a pair on Etsy while I'm writing this post!)

I have fun writing this blog and want to keep it interesting and inspiring.  But I really need your comments to do that.  And comments keep a blog dynamic. 
So to be eligible to win the Giveaway, leave a comment telling me what you want to see more of or what are your favorite posts.  (recipes, new products etc) and you must be a subscriber of Spiral Style through a reader or email. Tell me in the comment how you subscribe.  (if you do not know how to subscribe, see post dated 10/19/09)

The contest closes at noon (est) on Friday, Jan 29, 2010. The winner will be drawn randomly and announced by 3 pm, same day. Open to followers worldwide.
Thanks for your support.  


  1. Love the new cuff you made.
    I really love your recipes.
    I'm a subscriber (Google Reader).
    madeincanarias at yahoo dot es

    Thank you for a giveaway!

  2. Hello! I follow you through google as cass
    and i love reading your posts about books. would love to see more reviews!!! thanks so much for the giveaway, i just love the earrings!

  3. I would definitely say: more recipes. The perfectly roasted potatoes recipe was a hit with my family, so much so that I have the Chocolate & Zucchini book on order at the library. It has a few holds, but I can't wait to get my hands on it! I really want to try the Smoked chicken, Sweet Potato, & Corn Chowder, but need to find some smoked chicken first ...

    All this to say ... MORE RECIPES, PLEASE! :) Cee

  4. Just became a google friend :)
    Looked through your recipes... definitely going to try some!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. I follow you with google friend connect and I love your recipes and new item posts. I'd love to see more bracelets in your shop.
    Thank you for the giveaway :)

  6. I just discovered your blog but don't know what I want to see more of! I'll subscribe so I can see it all! I love the simplicity of your jewelry. It goes with everything!

  7. I love your book reviews! Pity I don't have much time to actually getting around to read the books themselves!


  8. i love finding and reading about new recipes!

  9. I am subscribed in reader! I love to see new and interesting recipes, so keep them coming!! Love the jewelry, really hope that I win!!!


  10. Lovely giveaway my fingers are crossed I would love to see some rings in your shop.Thanks Marian

  11. I'm a total bookworm, so I'd love to see more of your book reviews. (Although my second love is food, and more recipes would be awesome too.) :)

    I subscribe via google reader.

  12. I would love to see more book reviews and giveaways. I subscribe via Google Reader.

  13. I follow you through email.
    I would really like to see more recipes. I love getting new ideas on how to shake things up for dinner from the blogs I follow :D

  14. I like to try new recipes ... I'm a new follower through google friend connect

    cam22190 at gmail

  15. Email subscriber. Actually my favorite posts are giveaways:) I love gifts!

    annabell_lee_dk (at)

  16. I really like that cuff you made! Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. I just found your blog and really like what I've seen. Beautiful etsy shop and blog!!

    lianne-nichols at hotmail dot com

  18. You are now on my google reader and I'm a follower. Love the earrings and all ready told my bf about the potato recipe. He's excited. Thanks!

  19. i've subscribed by email!

    as for posts, i'd love to see more & more of your gorgeous, delicate designs. they're elegantly beautiful!

  20. I would love to see more unique recipes and pictures of the finish product.. also some nutritional info and budget for that dish =)

  21. I just found your blog and I love it! I really enjoy the book reviews and would love to see more of them. I love the earrings and can see why they are selling. They are gorgeous! Thank you for this nice giveaway and please count me in.

    I subscribe to your blog via Google Reader.

    chinook92 at gmail dot com

  22. I'd like to see more posts about new jewelry products.
    I subscribed to your RSS in my Google reader.

    spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

  23. I love the recipes. Keep 'em coming! : )


  24. I would love to see lots of pictures of your creations! plus everyone loves your generous giveaways!

    I follow with GFC and google feeds :)


  25. I love your art work. I am a blog follower. I would love to see you feature sellers you adore.

  26. subscribed by email!

    In ur shop, I would love to see more heart pieces, like earrings! I love hearts <33

    Also, my favorite post is the "Perfect Roasted Potatoes from"! Looks delicious!

    sarahleary88 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  27. I'm an RSS subscriber.
    ghainskom at yahoo dot com

  28. I'm a restless sort so I like variety, a mix of products, books and recipes. But I'm not a big fan of memes like Sunday=books, wednesday=recipes. Surprise me!

    I follow through Google friend nad RSS[@]gmail[.]com

  29. I love seeing new receipes. Keep them comming!!!!

    I am a follower through google.

  30. I subscribe and i love recipes! And I also enjoy comments on new products

    tiramisu392 (at)

  31. I think your jewelry is great! I think it would be nice to see some designs with stars. I love stars and I love jewelry with stars!

    I'm following your blog with my blog.

    Your jewelry is great and I love it! I might just get a bracelet! Too cute!

    Great Giveaway! I hope I win!!!

  32. I like product reviews. I would love to see more of them. Your jewelry is very pretty.


  33. i'm a follower

    please enter me again!

    nw typing at live dot com

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. My favorite posts are the ones that detail your lovely jewelry, but the recipes always make me hungry! Thanks for the chance to win. I subscribe via Google Friend Connect.

  36. I love the simple bangle with the heart dangling off. So beautiful!

  37. new to the blog but I'm following. I have a couple recipes I found to try.

    Love the spiral, simplicity of your designs. You have a great talent.

  38. I'd love to see some jewelry making tutorials.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  39. I subscribed via reader.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  40. I commented on catalog post:

  41. more chicken recipes. Thanks

    rss subscriber

  42. MadeinCanarias gets an extra entry for the giveaway since she commented on today's post!

  43. *-- Not an entry --*

    Just wanted to let you know that I listed your giveaway in my site! :)

    I hope it brings you more participants and followers.

    Here's the link:


  44. Hi!
    I'm a subscriber and I'd like to see more recipes!


  45. I love the intricacies of that cuff, and I love the "dazzling silver earrings"!

    I'm also a fan of recipes. I love cooking!

    I'm subscribing through the RSS reader

    nfmgirl AT gmail DOT com

  46. I would love to see more cuffs like the one with hearts in it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. I love your blog - pretty much everything about it. I just love reading through your posts in general. :)

    What I'd like to see in your shop are more simple silver pieces with an intertwined circular flair. Does that make sense? I have a think for circles.

    I'm a subscriber via both reader and email as badgermomma.

    badgermomma at gmail dot com

  48. i'm a follower :)

    judy bloom flowers at hotmail dot com

  49. I a new subscriber via google feed reader. Love your jewelry pieces!! I also enjoy polls and recipes.

    Thanks for the chance!


  50. Your jewelery is beautiful. I love the simple yet elegant designs.

    I'm a new subscriber in Google reader.

    I love posts with recipes. But I also like to look at bling so I'd definitely read posts about new products!

  51. I really like your recent post titled "Eliminate Unwanted Catalogs". On that note, I would definitely like to see more blog posts about living a greener life and eco-friendly products. Also, I subscribe to your blog's RSS feed on Google Reader.
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  52. email subscriber
    of recipes and product reviews

    bvrlylava at gmail dot com

  53. features and reviews of organic and eco-friendly products

  54. i would like to see more book reviews

  55. I am a new subscriber (to RSS via Google Reader), and I've been browsing this site. What I like most so far is the breadth of topics you cover! Everything from recipes to decorating to great a whole lot more! I like your writing style and ideas...this is definitely a blog I'll visit often. So glad I found ya! Thanks!

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  56. google reader subscriber (hockiemack at gmail).

    I'd love more book reviews. I barely get to read, so when a book comes recommended I'm more likely to check it out!

    hockiemack at

  57. Hi there. I'm a subscriber via Google's RSS Feed Reader, at least I think that's what it's called. I would also like to see natural and organic children's and baby's items. Thanks for the chance to win! dandelionfirebird{at}hotmail{dot}com


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