Monday, September 13, 2010

Summer Fragrance in B.Witching Bath Co. Hand Soap

I'd love to have this fragrance in my kitchen 
In winter I could recall the vibrant fragrance of freshly cut herbs.

Recommended by House Beautiful
Available in 8 other scents including coffee and Bordeaux

I talked about 3Bbags in a post July 20, 2010.  My dear friend Sue, read the post and ordered some.  When a group of us got together for lunch to celebrate Sue's birthday, she presented us all with a 3Bbag to try.  
I've been using my bag at the Farmers' Market.  
Today I used the bag for two kinds of onions and two kinds of potatoes and there was still room for more.
The bags are very sturdy and are easily washable.

Thanks Sue!

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