Thursday, June 14, 2012

Captivating Mini Colored Pencils

If a $5.99 purchase can be considered an impulse buy, then I am guilty.  I was walking through Target and spotted a display of art supplies for kids, perfect for summer projects now that school is finished.  I was particularly drawn to these colored pencils.  

Mini colored pencils $5.99

I love the array of hues AND the descriptive color names: carnation, dijon, iceberg, ficus, tomato, to name a few.

Pencils in a glass placed on a desk top may encourage doodling while on the phone or attending to a tedious task.

Even if you are not temped to draw with these pencils, it is fun to create color palettes.  

Colored pencils, a $5.99 (mini) pleasure!  

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  1. Oh I'm also an impulsive buyer and often regret the little things that I bring home with me,
    oh but those colored pencils are lovely
    and could be very useful for the little ones.


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