Friday, June 1, 2012

Dinner Party: Decor and Dinner

We gave a little dinner party last night.

I used a lot of color and a nature theme for the table decor.  The napkins were black with colorful insects and the salad plates were underwater scenes.  

I found colorful buckets at Target for $1 and filled two with flowers and one with shells and another with sand, a candle and shells.  A few more candles completed the decor.

Dinner was this roasted sea bass that takes a total of 10 minutes cooking time and is plated with grapefruit and oranges sections as well as avocado slices.
Pan-roasted Sea Bass with citrus and avocado from Bon Appetit

 We started with olives and this easy flatbread topped with olive oil, onion, sage and tomatillos, and cherry tomatoes. 
Julie's flatbread  from Martha Stewart

We baked these on the grill.  

Dessert was chocolate cake with ice cream and raspberries, but I was too exhausted to take photos.

Have a delicious weekend and I'll see you on Monday.  Ciao!

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