Monday, June 4, 2012

Dip Dyed Inspired

I really like the dip dyed look.
Poketo Color dipped mugs $28 each

Dip dyeing is a great diy project to add color to something plain and it can breathe new life into objects you may be tired of or that are looking a bit worn or faded.

Some DIY art and a canvas tote.  Martha Stewart 

Click here for instructions on how to use vegetable dye to make biodegradable cups into this pretty vessel.

Wouldn't it be fun to open the drawer to these pretty wooden spoons?

Martha Stewart has a great tutorial on dyeing fabrics and natural fibers, candles and other household items.

I transformed this $2.50 straw tote from Target into a cute summer purse with Plasti dip.

My dip dye project with Plasti dip on flatware was a success.  Easy to do and it has survived many dishwasher cycles.

What would you dip dye?


  1. ALI want to dip due some shoes

  2. Replies
    1. I found this product to be very durable. It may depend on the surface where it is applied.


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