Friday, June 15, 2012

Third Blog-iversary and Most Popular Posts

Wow!  Spiral Style has been around for three years.  I want to thank you all for stopping by, following, commenting and giving me support.  I thoroughly enjoy preparing posts.  It keeps me current on what is new, makes me work on photography skills, and helps me develop computer skills.  The best part is when I read comments and you tell me what you like.  It's funny, posts that I think are clever or informative, sometimes fall flat but others that I do spur of the moment are sometimes very well received.  I thought you may like to see the five all-time most viewed posts...starting with number 5.

5th most popular post

4th most popular post

3rd most popular post

2nd most popular post

and the most popular post...
I was in a J Crew store today and saw this bag on a table.  It is still available!

Happy Weekend.  See you on Monday with the start of year four!
Happy Father's Day too.


  1. Wow has it been three years!! congratulations!


  2. Happy blog anniversary and congratulations on three years. It's interesting to see which posts are the most popular. I would love to have that J. Crew handbag myself!

  3. Happy Blogsary I am happy to have discovered your blog.
    And I am enjoying every visit here.


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