Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Saress: The Sarong Dress

Need a beach coverup?  Have you seen the Saress?  

Hubby saw this in the gift shop at the hospital (of all places)!  He brought it home sort of as a joke but thinking I may use it.  It was probably the brainstorm of the same guy who thought up  pajama jeans.  

Actually I do use the Saress.  Our community pool is just a few houses away but I want some sort of coverup to get there.  I just slip this on and go.  It takes up no space at all in my beach bag and dries in minutes.  At our house in the Bahamas, I slip it on if someone comes to the house and I want a little something more than my bathing suit, which is my usual daily attire.  

So if your put your Snuggie away for the winter, maybe you'd like a Saress.  
Would you wear one of these?

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