Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Easy Knitting

I have trouble just sitting still.  I need to do something with my hands if I'm watching TV or sitting on a plane.  Knitting is the perfect solution for me.  But, I don't want to concentrate too hard following a pattern.  Complicated cable stitches or patterns involving keeping track and counting stitches are not my style.  I also don't want to worry about fit.  Scarves and shaws are the perfect solution for me.
My daughter gave me this yarn and pattern for a gift.  It is a colorful addition to a basic outfit and keeps me warm too.
I wear it like an infinity scarf under a coat but pull it around my shoulders when the coat is off.
I like the stich and the gorgeous deep, vivid color.
This infinity scarf can also be looped twice around my neck for more of a collar look.
I made this scarf with the "mistake stitch". 
This scarf is wider and a looser knit.  The multicolor yarn makes it really versatile.
This couldn't be more simple: straight knit stitch.

For some knitting inspiration, look to Pinterest.

                                            Source: via Deborah on Pinterest

                                    Source: via Deborah on Pinterest

                                                  Source: via Deborah on Pinterest

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  1. Those are beautiful,
    happy knitting!

    I don't know how to knit
    but I can crochet and I used to spend a lot of time
    doing doilies and table runners.


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