Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Musings

Happy Monday!  I saw this image on Pinterest and had to share.  I love the warm, gray color of the mug and the matte nail polish.

Speaking of color, this is the time of year I get the itch to do some interior style change and paint a room.  I'm starting out small and thinking the powder room could use a change.
I'm tired of the pistachio green.
It certainly doesn't work with my otherwise turquoise and terracotta color scheme.

So I'm looking for other color ideas.
Source: via Deborah on Pinterest

Sunny yellow?

Do I go bold?
Source: via Deborah on Pinterest

A little more red?
I think it will be Benjamin Moore Suntan Yellow.  
This is one of my favorite colors.  It is yellow with some orange and is evokes a sunny day in Tuscany.  It will work well with  my turquoise and terracotta hues.  

Well thanks for letting me run this by you.  Let me know what you all think about my choice.  What color is your powder room? 

Happy Monday everyone

1 comment:

  1. That BM Suntan Yellow would look perfect in your powder,
    it will certainly brighten it up.
    And that matte nail polish is gorgeous.


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