Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Swipe It

Are you looking for a gift that your tech savvy sweetie will love for Valentine's Day?  
This may be just the thing.
Swipe Tie $39.95
A tie, you say?  Well this is MORE than a tie.
The inside of the tie is made of a specialized microfiber cloth for swiping clean the screen of phones, ipods, ipads and other tablet devices.  
Ah, but sweetie doesn't wear a tie?  
Swipe Tee $24.95
No worries, I'll bet he wears tee shirts.
The swipe microfiber patch can be placed on either sleeve or the front inner lining of the shirt near the waist.

We all love our tech gadgets but isn't a filthy, greasy screen annoying?  That microfiber cloth is never handy when you want it.  These smart and functional garments may be a fun solution to an irritating problem.

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