Friday, February 15, 2013

Potterseed: Ceramics from South Africa

Potterseed is a new line of ceramics from two South African potteries.  I first became aware of these fabulous ceramics from a piece in Elle Decor.

Potterseed is the gorgeous new range developed by Kate of Mustardseed & Moonshine and Chris of The Potters Workshop.
One specializes in delicate ceramic flowers; the other makes dishes painted in vivid abstract patterns.
Individual pieces can be seen and purchased by clicking here, Casa Nova by Natalie.
I am draw to the vibrant color palette and the botanical detail.  The abstract motifs enhance the floral patterns and allow for a myriad of combinations of various pieces in the collection as seen in the photos.  One piece is not enough: patterns need to play off of one another.  

Have a colorful weekend.


  1. i've not heard of this before, but I am loving the patterns and colors. my nerve damage has kept me away from visiting blogs, but i'm back and am getting all caught up on yours! :)

    1. Glad you are doing better Elle and glad you are back.


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