Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Musings

Welcome back from what I hope was a peaceful weekend.  

Did you see T, the NY Times Style magazine on Sunday?  This issue heralds the redesigned magazine and features women's spring fashion.  I had great fun reading the articles and looking at ads.  Here are a few highlights. 
Style icon, Lee Radziwill, photographed here in her Paris apartment, is the centerpiece of the magazine.  Read the article here and then watch her video interview with Sofia Coppola here where she talks about Andy Warhol, Mick Jagger and Truman Capote among other things.
Tweaked versions of classics.

Print on Print

Choose a pattern and stick with it.  NY Times T magazine
How divine?  From an article about Mérida, Mexico.
I've begun to gather the paperwork for my 2012 taxes.  That got me to examine some of my statements, plans and contracts.  You may want to:
  • Check bank statement to see if you being charged fees that could be eliminated.  
  • Are you using all of your minutes on your phone plan or could you reduce the plan and save money.  
  • How about your internet and cable service?  Have you bundled these services (maybe with a land line?) to save money.
  • Review your insurance policies to make sure you have enough coverage but also not too much. (I had a friend who forgot to tell her insurance company that she sold one of her cars.  She had paid unnecessary insurance for 2 years!)
I called my cable provider to discuss downgrading my plan because I watch so little TV and never HBO or Starz.  Turns out I will save $20 a month and keep my same plan. The customer service person eliminated some charges, such as the DVR rental.  A simple phone call was all it took to save $240/year.
I think my email account was hacked so I changed the passwords for all of my accounts and changed the privacy setting on Facebook and other social media sites.  I entered the new passwords in my LockBox app because I'll never remember them.  

So, I was feeling safe and secure when I went to bed, knowing that my important information was safe again.  BUT I woke up and realized that hubby forgot to put the car in the garage the night before and the car was not locked.  When he opened the car door that morning, it was obvious someone had been in the car.  Luckily there was nothing of great importance and all that was missing were a few dollars stored in the console.  So much for feeling safe.  


  1. I love that pink couch
    and those shoes...
    I got to see everything in there.

  2. Lee Radziwill's apartment is so colorful and inviting. Will definitely read more.

    I had to smile at not locking the car. My husband left the driver's door open and didn't realize it. Talk about leaving the car open...


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