Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Genius Idea: Color + Plus Lighting Collection

Customize a lamp to your specifications?  You can do it on line at  Take a look at the color + plus lighting collection

Almost custom.  Choose a lamp base color from over 60 options.  The color selections are Pantone, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams hues.  Your next choice is for a lamp base shape, two for table top and two floor models.  Then you can choose a crisp white shade or a one with color and pattern.  
A lamp with a basic white shade is $99.

Add a color/pattern shade and the price is $149.

Apothecary shape base and basic shade, $99.

Floor lamp/basic shade, $299.

Floor lamp, funky shade, $249, if basic shade, $149.
The look you choose can be very traditional or colorful and edgy.  The prices are very reasonable for the ability to customize a lamp to your taste.  

Check out the color + plus lighting collection by clicking here.

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