Monday, July 6, 2009

Fish Plates

I am an absolute sucker for tabletop decor. I had been "coveting" these plates from Anthropologie for a few months.
They just went on sale and I snatched up 8 of them. Click here to see the online catalog and purchase. They are called the Aquarium Dessert Plates. The fish remind me of snorkeling in the Bahamas.


  1. OMG! I have to have these too!!!!!!! They are perfect for my new "style"...thank you for the link Deborah!!

    Now a question for you my dear....are you showing your work at the Ann Arbor show this year? Just wondering, I have a goldsmith friend who will have a booth there. It's his biggest selling show. He makes his entire living on selling his jewelry designs to art shows. My dream life!

    I'm away for a couple of days, but I'll catch up with your for sure on Wednesday, if not before (the glacial pace of hotel internet service sometimes stops me from browsing the 'net)

    We're leaving right after I go buy these amazing plates! Nice find!!

  2. Glad you like the plates. Have a great trip.
    No I don't sell at the Art Fair. I sell my work at the Ann Arbor Art Center. Used to teach there too. I used to live in Ann Arbor but we moved nearby where there is less traffic and lower taxes and expenses. The trade for downsizing was the little house in the Bahamas.
    Have fun!

  3. The Ann Arbor Art center?! Wow! Good for you Deborah! I have actually read some good things about it, via my friend who travels there for shows.

    Yes, I'd say the house in the Bahamas is a terrific trade for downsizing! I'd do it every time.


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