Thursday, July 30, 2009

Polyvore Sets

This is my first attempt at a set on Polyvore - the best place to discover or start fashion trends. Browse and shop looks created by a global community of independent trendsetters and stylists.

Polyvore is an addicting website where you can play around with fashion and put together a collection called sets. It is as easy as click and drag. Select a category, say...skirt, and the choose color and price and you are presented with may options to choose from. Click and drag as may as you like to your set and then look for a top or shoes. Or make a whole set of shoes. You can shop on Polyvore too. Share your sets with other and get feedback on your style savvy.
This may take the place of solitaire for me.


  1. LOL! Love that last line...

    That dress! The shoes!! Oh and that coat. I am loving that coat. I have a difficult time choosing things for my sets on Polyvore. Too many choices! I think I'll just let you do it from now on. :) Nice set!

    P.S. (I did choose a bracelet and earrings from your etsy shop, those were easy choices :)

  2. Thanks Sarah.

    I have been know to waste time playing solitaire. Helps me relax.


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