Sunday, July 19, 2009

Unexpected New Jersey

When you tell people you are from New Jersey, you are typically asked, "what exit?" People think of New Jersey in reference to the turnpike and not as the Garden State. I am visiting my family in the Princeton, NJ area for the week. We celebrated my parents 55th wedding anniversary, had a family picnic and are just having fun catching up. I'm staying at my sister and brother in law's house in Hopewell, not far from the former home site of Charles and Anne Lindbergh, where their child was kidnapped.
It is very peaceful at their house and the yard is a great place to spot adorable deer and other wildlife.

I'm impressed with the vivid hydrangea. In Michigan, we seem to have the wimpy white and pale hydrangea.

Looking forward to "tomato pie" (translate - pizza) tomorrow.

Hope you are having a relaxing weekend.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Love the pictures too. I've never been to New Jersey. One of these days I'll get there. Glad you're sharing with us. The hydrangea are gorgeous!

    I am getting all kinds of compliments on your earrings! Thank you so much Deborah, I love them!!

  2. So glad you like the earrings. NJ is not all like it is portrayed on tv. Very rural here in central NJ.
    Back to MI tomorrow night.


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