Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer walk

Every morning I take my 14 year old lab, Nikki for a walk in the undeveloped land behind my home.
This land was to become condos but the weak Michigan economy has put that on hold. It is amazing that in just a few short years since the land was cleared, wildflowers have sprung up in the abandoned land.
The wildflowers are certainly common varieties but how dull the walk would be without them and the color and beauty they give. Every once in a while I'll pick a handful to take home. This idle land has become the home for many birds as well. The chirping and flitting of the birds is another pleasure as we walk in the morning sun.

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  1. Nikki is so lucky to have you! I love this post, it makes my day Deborah, thank you. The flowers are so pretty, the birds chirping...yes, this sounds soooooo good.


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