Thursday, June 23, 2011

Make It Pink

Wow, gotta be careful of Polyvore and its Quick Share setting.  While I was preparing this post, I inadvertently "quick shared" to Blogger and Facebook!  This is what I was checking out.  House Beautiful had an article of 50 Ways to Go Pink.  
Make it Pink

Pink is not usually a color I seek out but these items are so pretty, I think I could get to like pink.


  1. A pink light bulb? I want it!

    I just discovered your blog and would love it if you stopped by mine sometime.

    Andrea x

  2. Is that a pink USB cable I see? Oh what fun that would be! Agree, I generally don't go for pink either, but all this spicy hot pink, now that is something else!

  3. AHH Everybody is in it for a bit of pink - LOVE it, brightens up my day.
    Have a lovely weekend.

    A xx

  4. Oh, I love this collage! Pink is my favorite color. I want that pink light bulb!



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