Monday, June 27, 2011

Strawberry Weekend

Strawberry season is coming to an end in southeast Michigan.  Hubby and I picked strawberries again this weekend.  While they were a bit harder to find on the plants, I think they were sweeter than last weekend.  
I decided to have Meatless Monday a day early.  Spinach salad (harvested from my garden) with strawberries, onions and blue cheese along with grilled salmon.  

This is the second time in 7 days I've made this Strawberry, Sour Cream Bread

I did a search on Etsy for some strawberry influenced items.   Here are some of my favorites.

Porcelain Berry Basket  $30 forestclearing

Berry Bowl with Saucer $65 Emilydyer

Decorative 8 inch glass strawberry plate $25 ZIGZAGARTS

Two vintage strawberry tablecloths
        $38 from pumpkintruck                                                 $52 FindMeAMemory

Block print strawberry towel $16 artgoodies

Strawberries hand dipped in gourmet chocolate  $30 JCsGourmetCakeBites

Happy Monday


  1. Mmmm. Now I want to go pick strawberries and make some goodies. That is one of my absolute favorite salads! Thanks for featuring my berry bowl in such sweet company...I may need to order some of those tea towels for my red and white kitchen. I'm excited to find out about your blog and will add to it my reading list.

  2. That salad looks delightful! And how sweet is that tea towel?!?!

  3. thanks so much for featuring my strawberry plate! Your other selections are wonderful!


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