Thursday, June 9, 2011

Petit Bateau Mariniere

In Paris, I saw lots of women wearing the traditional French sailor striped shirt.  A popular version of the shirt is made by Petit Bateau.  I purchased one of these shirts and I'm especially  taken by the soft, light fabric.  The fit is loose without being boxy.  

Sure, you can wear this shirt with a pair of jeans and Converse sneakers or shorts and flip flops, but I thought I'd put together a look that is just a bit more chic.  

Petit Bateau
                               Click to view item details Petit Bateau 
No real French woman would leave home without a scarf and it seems most women are wearing ballet flats.  The earrings are knots and a bit nautical, a nod to the sailor shirt.  I chose to use orange, the contrast of blue for the skirt and scarf.  Kelly green or a bold yellow would work equally well.  A canvas and leather tote along with a straw fedora complete the look.  My favorite summer fragrance, Prada's Infusion d'Iris is the final touch.  

How would you wear the shirt?


  1. I like this pairing ALOT!! The skirt gives it a nice polish and love the scarf.

  2. May I ask what size you purchased in the mariniere shirt? I am about the order a few from petit bateau and wanted to make sure I was getting the correct US correlating size. Im usually a 4-6 US so I cant decide if I would be the S/ 14 ans size or the M/ 16 ans size?
    Thank you!


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