Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Colors

Happy First Day of Summer
For hot days of summer, I try to use the sheerest, smallest amount of makeup possible.

I've been using Laura Mercier Creme Eye Colour for several years.  There are two formulas, a metallic and satin.  The metallic is a bit to shimmery for me so I am using satin in the colors  shown above.  Of course there is a brush for application but your finger will work well too.  That makes it simple for travel, just pop them into your makeup case.  You can blend colors to achieve your own custom color.

I like a very sheer lip and Laura has two products that match that description.
The Apricot and Rose above are HydraTints This muti-purpose lip balm is moisturizing, has and spf15 and gives the lips a sheer stain of color.  The Rosy Glaze is actually a lip plumper gloss   but Lip Glace is a gloss without the plumping effect.  I included this Nars Lip Gloss  which is very close to the natural lip color.  

Keeping cool and looking our best.  That's the idea.  


  1. I agree as I am also going very light and sheer for summer! I adore the shades and products you've shown.

    Art by Karena

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  2. Love Laura Mercier's eye cream! I got a bit as a sample at Sephora a year or so back and I haven't looked back since :)

    ♥ Cat brideblu

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