Thursday, June 16, 2011

Parisian Mystery Series

I saw this sign for a detective agency in Paris and it reminded my of the fiction series of books about Aimee Leduc, a PI in Paris.

Each book takes place in a different part of Paris with titles such as Murder in the Palais Royal, Murder in the Marais, or Murder in the Sentier.  

Cara Black is the author of this mystery series.  She grew up in San Francisco and attended a French Catholic school where she learned to love all things French.  She says the best part of her job is her research which of course she conducts in Paris.  
Aimee Leduc, the protagonist of the books,  is her alter ego.  Aimee is a vintage clothes horse wearing flea-market Valentino boots and kohl-rimmed eyes.  She rides a Vespa and sprints across cobblestone streets in stilettos while solving crimes.  Her partner is a computer whiz dwarf.  Yes, dwarf!  

If you've ever been to Paris or wish you have, try the Cara Black series featuring Aimee Leduc.  

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  1. I'll definitely check out Cara Black and add her to my summer reading list. Just read about another crime novel that has been a big hit in Britain: Sister by Rosamund Lipton. Check this one out too!


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