Thursday, March 21, 2013

Friends of Finn: Shoes with a Mission

It isn't too early to start thinking about espadrilles. Many people are headed for warm spring-break destinations and summer really will be here before we know it although it is snowing outside as I write this.  
I received a very thoughtful gift of Soludos espadrilles.  Not only are these very well made and comfortable shoes, this particular pattern benefits "Friends of Finn".  
Who is Finn and why would I want to be his friend you may ask?  Finn is a dog belonging to  Amanda Hearst (yes, that Hearst family).  Amanda purchased Finn as a puppy from a pet store and most pet stores acquire their puppies from puppy mills.  Since then she has become aware of the inhumane manner that puppies and their "parents" are treated in puppy mills.  Friends of Finn is a committee founded by Hearst, who has gathered her friends and joined with the Humane Society to educate people about the abuse in puppy mills and this .  Click here to view a video of a puppy mill raid.
Soludos supports the efforts of Friends of Finn by donating a portion of the sales this pattern of their espadrilles to the cause.  Look carefully at the pattern.  Do you see dog bones?
I love my Friends of Finn, Soludos espadrilles and can't wait for a warm day to wear them outside.  You can buy your own pair by clicking here.


  1. Such cool shoes
    and love the story behind it.
    Although I already bought my espadrilles for the Summer
    one red and the other yellow.

  2. Great cause and I love espadrilles. I picked up several pairs in Provence when we were there and would love to add some new colors for spring. I just clicked over and they really have a very nice selection.

    Hope it feels like spring soon.


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