Monday, March 11, 2013

Styling a Fireplace Mantle

I've been searching Pinterest and blogs for ideas to style our fireplace mantle.

I am totally enamored by fireplaces in French apartments.  The high ceilings, parquet floors and beautiful trim add to the allure.
I seem to be drawn to mantles that feature a mirror.  
January / February 2013 - Lonny Magazine - Lonny
And then the decor is layered in front of the mirror, lavishly, 

or as in this case, dramatically austere.
I was inspired by this mantle in the Parisan apartment we rented over the Christmas holidays.
I've never been quite satisfied with the look of our fireplace mantle.  The condo builder just built a box around the gas insert.  We added a granite top but I never really knew how to style the mantle.  The French poster was something I owned and it fit so it rested on the mantle for several years.  I would change the other decor seasonally.
What I really wanted was a mirror...just like the French mantles I admired.  I finally found the right size mirror, with a style that made me happy.  I added an antique urn with a plant, a tall, brushed metal vase for flowering branches and several pieces of raku pottery that I collected.
I love the way the mirror makes the space feel brighter and bigger and reflects the loft.  It certainly is a work in progress but I think I'm on the right path.  
I'd love your input.

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  1. I really think the mirror or the artwork above the fireplace makes
    a lot of difference, and since you've got the right mirror... go ahead with your decorating. Can't wait to see some magic from you... be sure to share some pics.


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