Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Cleaning with Magic Erasers

If you've got to clean, why not use a product that really does the job?  

I've used Magic Erasers with great success to clean the marks off walls and baseboards and to clean the bathtub.  The erasers will remove crayon, Sharpie, grease and nail polish.
                                    Source: via Karen on Pinterest

 I was checking out Pinterest and noticed one of my sister's pins for Magic Erasers.  This tip is to put a "slice" of Magic Eraser in the toilet overnight and when you wake up, no more toilet ring!
Clean the cruddy inside of coolers, 
and get the nasty stains off outdoor furniture, boats, aluminum and plastic siding as well as window sills.

In the kitchen:
Clean your oven and shelves.  Clean the greasy hood over your stove.
Remove tarnish from silver.
Use the eraser to remove coffee and tea stains from cups and mugs. 

For a longer list of what Magic Erasers can do, click here.   What are your success stories with these cleaning gems?

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