Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring!! Plant a Jar Garden

The calendar may say SPRING and that is encouraging but it is quite cold in Michigan.  We are about two months away from being able to plant outside.  But I can't wait.

Last week I "pinned" a post from poppytalk describing how to make a jar garden.  (A  terrarium would  be a sealed container)
I assembled the materials.  The tutorial called for charcoal chips to help filter the air in a closed container.  If you choose to keep your jar garden sealed, be sure to include this step.  You can purchase the charcoal from a pet shop or where aquarium supplies are sold.
Since I chose succulents for my garden, I used soil suited for these plants.
  • First layer:  pebbles
  • Second layer:  charcoal
  • Third layer:  sheet moss to prevent soil from falling into the charcoal and pebbles.

Plants are next.
Surround the plants with sheet moss to retain moisture
Voilà! The garden is complete.  

If using succulents, do not water the garden for two weeks.  That will encourage the plants to send out roots, searching for water.  Watering your jar garden/terrarium will depend on the plant material you choose.  You can easily find watering guideline on the internet.

Happy Spring and Happy Gardening

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  1. that is too adorable. i want five right now, all over my apt.


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